Make Up Lessons 




My Make up lessons are designed to suit everyone. Perfect for destination brides, teenagers, make up novice’s or those just generally stuck in a makeup rut.

A private makeup lesson is the ideal way to learn about new products, special techniques to enhance your features and new Make up trends for the current season.

After an initial consultation covering your skin type and a look at the make up you currently have in your make up bag, We will discuss what you wish to change and what look you’d like to learn to master. Then following my step by step advice i will guide you through the look you desire to be able to create by yourself for all occasion.

The lesson is 2 hours long and you will have full use of my professional kit and brushes but it’s recommended you bring your own everyday make up in case you don’t want to miss out on your favourite products.

At the end of the lesson you will be sent a full list of products and brushes used along with a face chart and a reminder of how to apply. Please feel free though to take pictures and write notes throughout. You will also be given a goody bag with a few little essentials to go home and play with.

Please contact me for More information, prices and to book an appointment. You can also leave your address for a services pack to be sent out to you.

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